Fabriclive 36 mixed by LCD Soundsystem

Tim Goldsworthy and James Murphy are in charge for the next Fabriclive mix CD. The 36 compilation from the Fabriclive series will be released in October.

Tim Goldsworthy and James Murphy paired up in 2001 to form the vital dance-punk label, DFA Records in 2001. In between writing the songs that would eventually become LCD Soundsytem classics, James had taken to DJing obscure disco records at rock shows, convinced that "rock n roll is dance music." James soon forged his own platform for the now legendary DFA parties at APT once a month and, after a brief hiatus in Florida, Pat returned to see the vast changes that had swept over the uptight, scene-less city of New York.

"We're pretty excited. We find doing mix CDs horrifying to a certain degree because there's nobody there, so it's just like, 'What are we doing?!' It's like you're just yelling into the air. We bought an old Bozak for this – the first DJ mixer ever built, hand-built. It sounds incredible. Everything sounds nicer and bigger and smoother and beautiful. The mix itself will have a little bit of stuff that isn't necessarily what we'd play in a club. But we'd like it to be fun. So we'll just do it a bunch of times live. Do it until you like it, that's actually our motto," James Murphy and Pat Mahoney say.

Track listing:

01. Peter Gordon and Love Of Life Orchestra – Beginning of The Heartbreak – Lust/Unlust
02. Baby Oliver – Primetime (Uptown Express) – Environ
03. Donald Byrd and 125th St, NYC – Love Has Come Around – Elektra
04. Instant Funk – I Got My Mind Made Up – Salsoul
05 Chic – I Feel Your Love Comin' On – Atlantic
06. Was (Not Was) – Tell Me That I'm Dreaming – ZE
07. GQ – Lies GQ
08. Mudd – Adventures In Bickett Wood (Layne's Head Stash Re-roll) – Rong
09. Elektrik Dred – Butter Up (Gimme Some Bread) – Sounds Of Florida
10. Lenny Williams – You Got Me Running - Geffen
11. Daniel Wang – Like Some Dream (I Can't Stop Dreaming) – Daniel Wang
12. Gichy Dan – Cowboys and Gangsters – ZE
13. Still Going – Still Going Theme – DFA
14. City Of Women – Tablakone – Sähkö
15. Babytalk – Keep On Move – Stickydisc
16. Love Committee – Just As Long As I've Got You – Salsoul
17. Mouzon's Electric Band – Everybody Get Down – Mouzon
18. Punkin' Machine – I Need You Tonight – JC Records
19. LCD Soundsystem – Hippie Priest Bum-out – DFA/EMI
20. Junior Bryon – Dance To The Music (Dub) – Vanguard
21. JT – I Love Music – Vanguard
22. Jackson Jones – I Feel Good Put Your Pants On – Jackson Jones
23. NYC Peech Boys – Life Is Something Special – Island Def Jam
24. Peter Gordon and Love Of Life Orchestra – Don't Don't - Lust/Unlust

Fabriclive 36 mixed by LCD Soundsystem

September 4, 2007 at 7:37 PM CEST

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