Ricardo Villalobos interview

Fabric Records caught up with the house and minimal house superstar Ricardo Villalobos, to speak about music, influences, family, technology and many other interesting things. Read the interview below.

"My family from my father's side is very musical. Our family are very well known Chilean musicians still. My father comes from Parra and Villalobos; the Parra family is very musical and was very important also in Chile. For example, Violetta Parra. She is the most important musician in Chile. She was doing very deep protests and political folk music. A lot of different bands came out of this family. My uncle (my father's brother) is undoubtedly a musical genius. He played the guitar too much and he's completely crazy – for 30 years he's been living in his own world and everyone thinks he's crazy, but I think he pretends to be crazy. He doesn't want to have to be responsible and wake up every morning to go to work, he decided to have no responsibilities with women and children and he decide to cut it all off...perhaps I'll do this one day. (laughs) Playing the crazy one or the fool – it's only your own freedom", Vilalobos says for Fabric Records.

Ricardo Villalobos interview

September 18, 2007 at 6:29 PM CEST

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