John Digweed releases a new single on Renaissance

Gridlock is Digweed and Muir at their contemporary best, a haunting ride that combines their trademark production with an edgier technique. The single is called "Gridlock" and comes out on October 22.

"Nick and I started work on the track earlier this year and had every intention of it being a single" says John "But it just grew and grew ending up at a whopping 25 minutes, so we hit upon the idea of marrying it to the next instalment of my Transitions compilation series as a bonus disc."

However on completion, the obligatory test plays to friends and a few key bods suggested they were on to something very special indeed. John elaborates: "We realised it would be a shame to only release the extended 25-minute mix as part of the album so Nick and I went back into the studio to lay down two new, shorter versions more suited to clubs."

"You have to catch the balance, dance floors are responding to a more twisted, darker sound these days" says John. "We wanted to capture that essence, whist at the same time stay true to our previous productions."

John Digweed releases a new single on Renaissance

October 10, 2007 at 5:18 PM CEST

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