Bob Sinclair releases Live at the Playboy Mansion

Silk smoking jacket and monogrammed slippers at the ready! The Playboy Playmates have arrived, the place is swarming with sexy Bunnies, and it's time to party along to a package of probably – no, absolutely - the sexiest dance music since disco was invented. Bob Sinclar is playing live at the Playboy Mansion.

His real name may be Christophe Le Friant, but – when he's not deep undercover as Bob Sinclar – he's known as Chris the French Kiss, a veritable Hugh Hefner of the decks with his devilish good looks, his way of winning over whole roomfuls of pretty people and his status as an after-dark superstar and spinner of glamorous dreams.

There's only room for two CDs-full, 38 tracks altogether, so Bob has had to peruse his list and turn away many disappointed tracks.

Track List:
Discu One:
01. From East to West - Voyage
02. Point Zero - Voyage
03. Dancing - Junior Jack
04. World of Love - Bob Sinclar
05. At Midnight - T Connection
06. Bougie Bourgie - John Davis Orchestra
07. Church Lady - Dennis Ferrer
08. Beautiful People - Barbara Tucker
09. Get Hi - Roger S
10. There But the Grace of God (from Bob Sinclar Live at the Playboy Mansion) - Machine
11. Newsy Neighbour - First Choice
12. I'n the Man vs Put Your Drink Down - Macho vs Mr V
13. Midnight Train - Afromento
14. Melodies - Made In USA
15. Kiss My Eyes - Bob Sinclar
16. Standing In the Rain - Don Ray
17. Dancer - Gino Soccio
18. Magic Fly - Space
19. Libertango - Grace Jones

Disc Two:
01. Tatiana-Glamourous - Le Magnifique
02. Do the Hustle - Van Mac Coy
03. Here Comes the Sound - Love De Luxe
04. Burning Up - Imagination
05. Like Some Dreams - Daniel Wang
06. Moonshine - KenLou
07. Live With the BBQ - Tom Trago
08. Moody - ESG
09. Get Off My Case - Commateens
10. Weekend (from Bob Sinclar Live at the Playboy Mansion) - Class Action
11. Let's All Chant - Michael Zagger Band
12. Let's Start the Dance - Let's Start the Dance
13. Goodnight Tonight - Wings
14. I Wanna Go Bang - Bob Sinclar
15. Love Explosion - Alden Tyrell
16. Ten Thousand Women - Art of Disco feat. Farrell Lennon
17. Problemes D'Amour - Alexander Robotnick
18. Our Lips Are Sealed - Fun Boy Three

Bob Sinclair releases Live at the Playboy Mansion

October 10, 2007 at 5:24 PM CEST

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