Pioneer announces the worlds first DVD turntable

Pioneer Electronics have made public the details of their new innovative hardware release, the new DVJ-X1 digital audio and video turntable, the DVD mixing device for VJ's (Visual Jockeys). The launch of the Pioneer DVJ-X1 brings the future of DJing and audio-visual entertainment here today. The mega-powerful DVJ-X1 allows synchronised digital audio and video to be manipulated and played back like never before, paving the way for a new breed of performer – the DVJ.

This new generation of star will combine a DJ's treatment of audio with the visual skills of a VJ, creating a completely original entertainment experience.

Having forged the path from vinyl to CD amongst DJs, Pioneer is now leading the dance and entertainment industries into a new era where AV-literate DJs can finally blend exciting and dynamic visuals into their live performances. In fact, the ground-breaking DVJ-X1 not only creates an extraordinary outlet for creative expression, it also signals a brand new form of entertainment in clubs, bars and other venues and establishes a platform for dance music labels wanting to use visual content to help market their releases.

Combining Pioneer's world-famous CD Jog Dial technology with the flexibility and capacity of DVD, the DVJ-X1 looks just like Pioneer's own CDJ-1000MK2 CD player. But what's even more radical is that the DVJ-X1 has the same functionality – with the added capacity to playback DVDs as well as CDs. This means that digital DJs used to performing live with a CDJ-1000MK2 will have no trouble using the DVJ-X1 as a CD-playback tool.

Pioneer announces the worlds first DVD turntable

November 20, 2003 at 2:02 PM CET

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