French artist Shonky to release his debut album

It has been clear since his very first release, in 2005 (with 'Let Me Ask You' on Freak n'Chic), that Shonky is an exceptionally talented producer. At 25 years of age and with little more than two years since his first production effort, Shonky releases his debut artist album 'Time Zero' on Dan Ghenacia's Freak n'Chic imprint - get cosmic.

"The style of 'Time Zero' is kind of techno/hypno, with many roots coming from Detroit techno and San Francisco psychedelic house; always super hypnotic.. The album is spacey Shonky world, I used more pads, no vocals and all the tracks have an atmospheric feeling within. They all drive you into a universe which is why I gave them all spacey names.. Ultimately, I did what I do the best, danceable tracks." - Shonky

The first single to be taken from the album will be 'Time Zero' - with remixes from Paul Ritch and Mathias Kaden, released at the end of March,

Track listing:
01- Time zero
02- Nebula
03- Ringside with Dione
04- Cosmic Ray
05- Galactica
06- Ellipse
07- Ondulation
08- Odyssey
09- Magma
10- Minor planets

French artist Shonky to release his debut album

January 24, 2008 at 2:42 PM CET

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