Global Underground Announce New Rogue Audio Artist Album

Rogue Audio's 'Haphazard' is the kind of open-your-ears-and-turn-up-the-volume collection of tracks that will inspire from the first listen; a life-affirming aural journey that shows that truly great electronica albums are far more than the sum of their parts.

Rogue Audio aka Cass, is one half of the infamous Deadset (celebrated by house music lovers everywhere as well as the likes of the NME), and has been a much-vaunted provider of fantastically cerebral dance-floor fare for the most part of a decade. He's also worked with a variety of people you've probably heard of: Danny Tenaglia, Scissor Sisters and some pop-type guys called Justin Timberlake and Jason Donovan.

With the main body of the album being done with Sam Evans (aka Vandal) at the musical enclave known as Rogue Audio HQ, 'Haphazard' features a raft of other collaborators, fellow knob tweakers, and musical ne'er-do-wells, including Aidan Lavelle from UNKLE ('The Only Winning Move'), Luke Chable ('Custom Made'), MC Rizla from New Zealand's Salmonella Dub ('Warrior'), and Dennis and Jamie from Infusion (on the cover of 'Take Me Home').

Like an itch that can't be scratched or a monkey on your back that won't budge, for Rogue Audio, the road to 'Haphazard' has been the musical equivalent of that nagging thought at the back of one's mind. Now the cat is finally out of the bag – we promise neither it nor the monkey were hurt in the making of this album – what's been a gradual collection of ideas, sounds, samples, and pieces of music is now delivered as one unto the world.

The album happily traverses the rugged ground from ambient ('Time Spent Dreaming Is Never Wasted', 'The Only Winning Move', 'Can I Get A Reboot'), glacial techno ('Owl'), through hip-hop, drum and bass to live broken beats ('Help Me To Help You', 'Amazing Place', 'Future Sound Of Pornography'), Featuring Cass on vocals on various tracks, this is the natural and impressive evolution of an already illustrious production career.

Global Underground Announce New Rogue Audio Artist Album

February 21, 2008 at 2:24 PM CET

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