New digital downloads store opens in January

A new online dance music store providing digital downloads is launching on January 1, 2004. After 14 months of design and development by professional DJs, marketers, engineers and promoters, Beatport provides quick, secure and legal downloads of dance music in various formats including mp3, mp4, and wav files on a pay per download basis.

'Beatport represents the first major Web site to combine the minds of DJs, marketers, promoters and retailers to sell digital downloads the same way you would if you went to the record store." said Bad Boy Bill, voted 2003 #1 DJ in America by BPM Magazine. "DJs shop differently than consumers and we've accounted for both on our site.'

Beatport's extensive and ever-growing on-line catalog of electronic music is offered in all styles including House, Trance, Techno, Drum & Bass, Electro, Downtempo, amongst others. The site features music by both high profile labels as well as smaller, trend-setting labels, all available for immediate, high speed download, A number of features make Beatport useful for both the experienced DJ as well as the entry-level dance music consumer. The site contains genre exclusive community forums, a "set designer" that creates a custom play list based on the length of the set, preferred genres or BPM range, Top 10 lists from the industry's most notable DJs, clubs, and labels and PromoOne™, a digital promo service that is leading the industry into a new age of promotion and distribution.

"The future of promoting and distributing dance music is being revolutionized by Beatport. Sending out vinyl is a costly and timely thing of the past," said Jonas Tempel, president of Beatport. "Beatport's PromoOne™ feature allows a label or DJ to promote new music instantaneously. A track can be released and debut at the clubs in the time it typically takes to drive to the record store."

About Beatport Beatport's management team is comprised of a group of music industry professionals including Bad Boy Bill, Brad Roulier, Trevor Pryce and Jonas Tempel. Brad Rouleir is the Promoter and Director of Entertainment for The Church Nightclub, voted the top club in North America in 2002. Trevor Pryce is a pro-football player for the Denver Broncos and owner of Outlook Music, a boutique record label specializing in incubating up and coming bands. Jonas Tempel is a successful DJ and Producer and president of Beatport's parent company, Factory Design Labs, Inc., an award winning marketing and design agency. With in-house A&R, engineering, sales and marketing, Beatport is a self-contained business.

For more information, for an exclusive preview of the Web site or to schedule an interview with a member of Beatport's management team, please contact Shawn Sabo,,

New digital downloads store opens in January

November 26, 2003 at 8:48 PM CET

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