Swedish talent Anders Ilar releases an LP on Level Records

Anders Ilar from Sweden is definitely one of the world's most versatile producer of electronic music today. He will release in April this year the first LP ever on the German based record label Level Records.

From deep, frosty ambient scapes up to cold and academic abstractions Ilar seems to be able to produce everything. Like on the 12inch "Organza", that was released on Level Records in 2006, Ilar's fifth Full-length-release "Sworn"; has a mostly warm sound design, which fits perfectly with the label.

The eight new tracks on Sworn have a romantic and sublime feel and combine a wide range of musical styles: you will find sparkling electronica, abstract IDM-ish parts and deep clubby tunes with slices of acid and Chicago house in it. Despite the many different influences the result is a very coherent one as everything is embraced by Ilar's enigmatic and unique haze of sound.

On "Sworn", undoubtedly one of Ilar's finest works to date, sophistication and blissfulness go hand in hand. The CD also includes three more highlights of Ilar's and Level Records' shared history - his outstanding contribution to the recent Level compilation „Top Ten" and two tracks originally released on "Organza EP" in 2006.

Track list:

01 Hillside
02 Colors of Rain
03 Icarus & Pegasus
04 September Nights
05 Made for Us to Love
06 Imaginary Trees with Silver Leaves
07 Tomorrow Never Came
08 Can't Force a Tree to Grow
09 Path to the Sky
10 Brokenhearted
11 Lakeside

A1 Hillside
A2 Icarus & Pegasus
B1 September Nights
B2 Tomorrow Never Came
C1 Colors Of Rain
C2 Imaginary Trees With Silver Leaves
D1 Path to the Sky
D2 Brokenhearted

Swedish talent Anders Ilar releases an LP on Level Records

February 21, 2008 at 2:33 PM CET

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