Interview with Romanian rising star The Model

Beat Factor caught up Romanian future hero The Model to speak about music, Romanian culture and important things from his life. The Model, known as Radu in his ordinary life, has become a truly successful role model on the electronic music scene. He's managed to become a must-see act, surprising in itself given that he's never been pushed forward by any marketing or promotion teams.

If you've ever witnessed The Model in action, it's not something you're likely to forget. You won't need to look twice to figure out who's playing. Commanding the decks with poker-face single-mindedness, accompanied by a now-famous glass of milk in hand, he'll take you through a myriad of styles and states of mind. His sets are a music lesson delivered in a very direct and blunt fashion, which have won him a huge fan-base, and the reputation of being one of the most essential current DJ's.

Interview with Romanian rising star The Model

February 25, 2008 at 3:59 PM CET

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