New Renaissance compilation mixed by Hernan Cattaneo

The eponymous Renaissance series re-launches with Argentina's most wanted DJ - Hernan Cattaneo, making his 'Masters' debut, following Nick Warren, Deep Dish, Danny Howells and Sander Kleinenberg.

From its conception back in 2000, the Masters series has always showcased some of the world's finest DJ talent, a fact which Hernan is aware of, "I've always been a big fan of the Renaissance CDs, from those early Sasha and Digweed mixes through to the likes of Danny Howells, Deep Dish and, most recently, Sander Kleinenberg. It feels really good to be part of that now." On the subject of the album, Hernan says, "My mix will be a reflection of the music I play, which includes a little bit of everything, from house to techno to breaks, featuring producers from as far afield as Germany, Greece and Argentina (naturally!)."

The compilation contains two discs and will feature new tracks by Alexander Kowalski, Danny Howells, Stef Vrolijk, Chab, Luke Chable, Matthew Dekay and Hernan's new track 'Behind the Music' along with his remix of 'Morgan Page/All I Know'. Here's the full tracklistings:

Disc One
1. 'Ayahuaska (Reprise) - Darko & Gainer
2. 'In The Air' - Richard Davies
3. 'Time To Kill' - Pams Magic Tractor (DJ Harvey Remix)
4. 'Homa' – Casa Flava
5. 'Scarpia' - Alexander Kowalski
6. 'Honey' - Bill Makris
7. 'Lost In Power' (Dub) – Rolasoul
8. 'Dreams' - Bill Makris
9. 'Symbiosis' (Herbal Dub)- Matthew Dekay & Alvredo
10. 'Slo' Roast' - Jay Tripwire & Grant Dell
11. 'Cultural Assertion' – Tiger Corps present Randall Jones
12. 'Bubblebath' (16b Remix) - Agent 001
13. 'Aenema' - The PQM Project

Disc Two
1. 'Closer To Me' – Chab featuring JD Davis
2. 'Oakish' – Wink c/w 'Fouk' - T-Empo (Acapella)
3. 'Underground Night Music' (Dub) – Amillionsons presents 21st Century Planet Smashers
4. 'Behind The Music' - Hernan Cattaneo & Dean Coleman
5. 'All I Know' (Hernan Cattaneo & Martin Garcia Remix) - Morgan Page & Gregory Shiff featuring Astrid Suryato
6. 'Hazy Way' - Alex Dolby
7. 'The Sheppard' – Luke Chable presents Quest
8. 'Open Day' (Original Mix) - Steve May
9. 'Phono Corono' - Danny Howells & Stef Vrolijk
10. 'Central' - Grand Resonant
11. 'Age of Love' (Wrecked Angle Remix) - Age of Love

Hernan and Renaissance's coming together is a very natural crossing of two influential names and this 2xCD pack is sure delight the devotees and new listeners alike. The release will be out February of next year.

New Renaissance compilation mixed by Hernan Cattaneo

December 13, 2003 at 10:02 AM CET

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