Loco Dice to release debut album

Ex rapper Loco Dice is set to release his debut artist album on Desolat, record label founded together with Martin Buttrich. 7 Dunham Place is a personal journey for Loco Dice, moving away from Dusseldorf and opting for the busy metropolitan streets of New York.

Dice chose to pursue a career in electronic music, after the German hip hop scene went stale. He was more into the west coast hip hop style and found the German style was very different. He took the next step and started producing electronic music.

After the excellent debut on Cadenza, Mr. Dice is ready to do it again, this time with a proper long player.

Track list:

1 · Breakfast At Nina's
2 · How Do I Know
3 · Consequently Excentric And Delicate
4 · Black Truffles In The Snow
5 · La Esquina
6 · Tight Laces
7 · Got Leaks In The Roof
8 · Pimp Jackson Is Talkin Now
9 · M Train To Brooklyn

Loco Dice to release debut album

April 15, 2008 at 8:18 AM CEST

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