Ellen Allien releases Sool

SOOL is subtle, mysterious and minimal. This is Ellen Allien's fourth solo album. "Created in winter 2007/2008 in Berlin, intended to be a valve, a loophole. Winters always have been a very creative time for me; in particular, after this past hot and crazy summer and autumn 2007 in Berlin", says Ellen.

"Minimal is just there. Permuting that, shaping this kind of immediacy with my own hands – that was close to my heart. A whiff of positive, but nevertheless abysmal energy creates room for the ears. For yours and mine. What is SOOL? How is SOOL? SOOL is everything, everyone and none – SOOL is a phantasm, a creation, which reflects the album's atmosphere, and also my person. I am me; but I am also what you made me for, what you do with me and what I do with you. And, SOOL is curiosity, room, and architecture. Sketches; drawing; adhering", says Ellen Allien.

Track list:

01 Einsteigen
02 Caress
03 Bim
04 Sprung
05 Elphine
06 Zauber
07 Its
08 Ondu
09 Frieda
10 MM
11 Out

Ellen Allien releases Sool

April 15, 2008 at 8:32 AM CEST

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