Adam Freeland makes music for a short movie

Amnesty International has teamed up with leading advertising agency Drugstore, DarkFibre Films and visual effects specialists Prime Focus London, to produce a new hard-hitting short film about torture as part of its "Unsubscribe" campaig. The new 90-second film, "Stuff Of Life", is a powerful short on "waterboarding", the hugely controversial practice of torturing prisoners by partially drowning them.

The USA has recently admitted that its operatives have waterboarded people in the "war on terror", and the new campaign film is part of Amnesty International UK's online-offline "Unsubscribe" campaign, which launched in October. The campaign is mobilising support for human rights in the "war on terror".

The Stuff Of Life film, which is being launched online on 22 April and initially launched on the big screen exclusively on 50 Picturehouse cinema screens nationwide from 9 May, features a beautiful, back-lit plume of water - filmed using state of the art methods at 1,000 frames per second slo-mo - against a black screen. An inviting and upbeat soundtrack, specially-composed by acclaimed producer and DJ Adam Freeland, also helps draw the viewer into a film that has all the appearance of an advert for mineral water or some new, ultra-pure alcoholic spirit.

Adam Freeland makes music for a short movie

April 23, 2008 at 1:49 PM CEST

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