Moguai mixes I Am X compilation

After the welcome return with new single Kick Out The Jams on iO Music, Andre Tegeler AKA Moguai delivers the perfect summer compilation I Am X from his own Punx imprint.

Inspired by the support and feedback received from his DJing, massive German radio shows on 1LIVE and MDR Sputnik, plus his huge party collaborations in the form of his 'Moguai and Friends' events, Moguai felt the demand for his sound to be encapsulated. This artist-based compilation stems from the day when club kids could take home a mix at the end of a night out and provides the punter with what Moguai's sound is really about.

I Am X is a double disc compilation that mirrors Moguai's passion for the electronic sound without the need to stick to a particular genre. Alongside Kick Out The Jams, Diamond Back (Moguai's collaboration with Zenker) and Sitting On The track are Moguai masterpieces that feature. These sit seamlessly next to the cool Dennis Ferrer Son Of Raw, Funk D' Void's remix of Blonda by Shlomi Aber and Chris Barratt's re-rub of Twilight by Adam K and Soha. Moguai's latest remix of Cracks by Meat Katie features on CD 2, with the heavy System Addict from Plump DJs, Pins from Marine Parade's golden child Alex Metric plus Mark Knight's solid take on Underworld's Beautiful Burnout.


1. Robert M. - I Love House (Curvve)
2. Shlomi Aber – Blonda - Funk D`void RMX (Toolroom Records)
3. Adam K, Soha – Twilight - Chriss Barratt Remix (Rebirth Rec).
4. Andrea Doria - Beauty Of Silence - Lützenkirchen Remix (Tiger Records)
5. Droido - Hazed (Missive Music)
6. Moguai & Zenker - Diamond Back (Punx)
7. Dennis Ferrer, Son of Raw - A Black Man in Space (Objectivity)
8. Patch Park - Got The M! (Little Mountain Records)
9. Robert M. - Muzak (Point Records)
10. Roland Klinkenberg - On My Mind - Mashtronic Remix (GU Music Ltd.)
11. Joe T. Vannelli - Harlem feat. Jonathan - Mark Knight Remix (Do It Yourself / Kontor)
12. Patric la Funk - Malus (Timbee)
13. Oliver Klein, Martin Eyerer - Babylon (Kling Klong)
14. Chymera - Hundulu (Deslin Records)
15. Stimming - Die Liebe (Terminal 55)


1. Martin Eyerer & Rios – Chorizo - Paul Nazca Remix (KickBoxer Recordings)
2. Oxia - Lost Memory (PIAS / Goodlife)
3. Maurizio Gubellini - Tumble - Original M.G. Mix (The Saifam Group)
4. Meat Katie - Cracks - Moguai Remix (Lot49)
5. Mark Mendes - Beneath You (Starter Records)
6. Alex Gopher – Aurora - Cajuan Remix (Go4Music)
7. Moguai - Kick out the Jams (Punx)
8. Plump DJ´s - System Addict (Lickin Records)
9. Alex Metric - Pins (Marine Parade)
10. Underworld - Beautiful Burnout - Mark Knight Remix (PIAS)
11. Alexander Marcus - 1, 2, 3 - Moguai Remix (Kontor)
12. Sia - The girl I lost to cocain - Sander van doorn Remix (Tiger/ Doorn Records)
13. Patrick Lindsey - Wanton Mood (
14. Moguai – Sittin On Chrome (Punx)
15. Moonbeem – Cocoon (High Contrast Recordings)

Moguai mixes I Am X compilation

May 12, 2008 at 4:06 PM CEST

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