National Anthem trance remix

The Ministry Of Sound hopes DJs will play the remix on New Year's Eve. Top London club the Ministry Of Sound has created its own dance version of the National Anthem. The club has reworked the classical arrangement of the traditional God Save The Queen in the style of a "trance" track.

Its aim is to herald the arrival of the new millennium and make the anthem more appealing to a new generation.

Mark Rodol, creative director of Ministry Of Sound, said: "If the National Anthem is to be changed and it was a choice between a classical version and a Ministry Of Sound remix, we'd win every day.

Copies will be sent to the Queen and teenage princes William and Harry to gauge their reaction. The team behind the reworked track are also sending it to radio and club DJs and may consider releasing it as a single.

"The initial aim is to get it out there so DJs can play it on New Year's Eve and we're hoping we might get it played in the Dome," said a

National Anthem trance remix

July 23, 2002 at 1:44 AM CEST

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