Ferrry Corsten Update!

Ferry is working on a brand new System F album, that's going to be released in Japan only.
The release at Avex, is scheduled for January 2003.

Also coming up is Ferry Corsten's debut-album. This one is scheduled for March/April 2003.

After the release from the last System F track 'Needlejuice', we can finally expect the track 'Solstice' as new single soon!

The track of the year 'Gouryella - Ligaya' will be released at the Tsunami label on 12" vinyl at September 16th and on CD at October 14th. On this release you can find a remix that's made by Hiver & Hammer. Be sure to get this one!

Ferry Corsten recently finished a remix from a track called 'Subsola - So Pure'. The remix from Ferry will be released at his label Tsunami somewhere after this summer, including a remix that's made by Robert Smit.

'In My Heart' will be the title from the new Moby single. Ferry is going to do a remix from this track, that's going to be released at the Mute label.
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Ferrry Corsten Update!

August 28, 2002 at 3:27 AM CEST

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