40,000 clubbers visit Creamfields

Despite Cream's recent troubles, 40,000 clubbers converged in Liverpool on Saturday for a successful Creamfields, and the return of Underworld to the stage.

Faithless played their last gig in the UK there before taking a two-year break - but they won't be going out quietly.

They'll return to London to work on a new album after playing Creamfields Dublin this weekend, where they're planning to finish with a bang as Sister Bliss and Maxi Jazz explained:

"A massive one - everybody from the studio's coming over. Rollo and his merry cohorts, and all our mates, and I'm having a mini Ibiza reunion in my hotel room, so forgive me if I'm a bit noisy.

"Just basically everybody who knows us is coming, and the rest of Ireland too," said Sister Bliss."

Maxi Jazz added:

"All your energy levels seem to buck up when you see the light at the end of the tunnel - and we most definitely can."

X-Press 2 not only played, but Rocky, Diesel and Ashley managed to keep it real with fans as well as hanging out with fellow stars:

"Went round the site a bit. Didn't go in any of the tents. But we went to the VIP bit which was great."

"It was a bit bourgeois of us, wasn't it? I walked amongst the people, spoke to a few, said 'hi', shook some hands, kissed some babies!"

"We saw a bit of Underworld for two minutes - that was good. Kosheen, a little bit of Seb."

"I caught a bit of Ricky Morrison earlier on - his foot came flying across and I caught it!"

40,000 clubbers visit  Creamfields

August 28, 2002 at 4:20 AM CEST

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