New double CD compilation from Distinctive Records

The latest installment of Y4K 'Past Lessons/Future Theories' is out today, a showcase of the last seven years of Distinct'ive Records. Label artists such as Dub Pistols, Hybrid and Way Out West all have a handful of tracks on both CDs. Other tracks that stand out include Golden Girls' 'Kinetic', Lennie D Ice's 'We Are I.E.' and Kevin Aviance's 'Din Da Da' to name but a few.

The second disc is a mixture of breaks and house that deals with more up to date releases from not only Distinct'ive but also INK and Bustin' Loose Ltd and contains some top new releases as well as a couple of exclusive white labels. Artists include John Creamer & Stephane K, Wesley Clarke and Neruda with their hugely popular 'West Ghost'.


1. DUB PISTOLS- "Architect" (Breaks mix)
2. DB+ - "That Thing"- Koma and Bones mix
3. LENNIE D ICE - "We are IE"- Hybrid Life Mix
5. GOLDEN GIRLS - "Kinetic"- Hybrid mix
6. CHRISTIAN J - "Understand"
7. HYBRID - "Higher than a Skyscraper" -Twitch & Sweat Mix
8. DUB PISTOLS - "Problem Is" - Soul of Man Mix
9. CHRISTIAN J - "Night Fighter"
10. SAS - "Amber Groove" sample loop
11. HYBRID - "We are in Control"
12. KEVIN AVIANCE - "Din Da Da"- Hybrid mix
13. WAY OUT WEST - "Intensity"- PMT mix
14. LATE NIGHT SNEAKY - "Purr Project"
15. QUIET KILLAZ - "Critical Level"

1. HYBRID FEAT. PETER HOOK - "True to Form" -Distinct'ive
2. PROPHETS OF SOUND - "Tide of Dreams" (Audio Drive Mix) - INK Records
3. WESLEY CLARKE - "It'll Be Okay" (Paul Woolford Mix) - White Label
4. NERUDA - "West Ghost" – White Label
5. PAUL BOSCO - "Love Is A Drug" – White Label
6. SAEED & PALASH "Champion"- White Label
7. WAY OUT WEST - "Muthaf**ka" – Distinct'ive
8. DUB PISTOLS - "Problem is" (Creamer & K Mix) – Distinct'ive
9. SUSANA - "Storm" (Creamer & K Mix) – White Label
10. HYBRID - "Gravastar" – Distinct'ive
11. DUB PISTOLS - "6am" – Distinct'ive

The LP version is due very soon.

New double CD compilation from Distinctive Records

April 19, 2004 at 4:05 PM CEST

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