Meet Me 2004 Festival in Slovenia

Explicit Musick, the organiser of Slovenian top events such as Sindustry, Eurora and Cosmorama, is proud to announce MEET ME, the first and biggest Slovenian summer festival of electronic dance music. It will take place at the Divača airfield, where over 30 DJs, VJs and musicians will perform across six dancefloors. This year's headliners are Bob Sinclar, Steve Lawler, Desyn Masiello, DJ Rush, Marco Carola, Umek and Valentino Kanzyani.

This will be the fourth Meet Me festival in a row; it will take place in the heart of the Karst region for the third time. The idea of a summer dance festival, celebrating the end of school and the beginning of holidays was based on the success of the big dance festivals in Great Britain (Homelands, Creamfields...etc) that attract tens of thousands every year. The location of the festival is a large open with six dancefloors. Some of them are covered by tents, providing sound insulation and protection from rain as well as from the heavy Karst winds called "bora". Access to the event loaction is simple for visitors from Slovenia and from the neighbouring countries. It is situated close to the highway, just over half hour drive from Ljubljana, Udine or Fiume (Rijeka) and just under half hour drive from the Slovenian coast or Trieste. It is also possible to arrive by train (shuttle buses will run from the railway station) or coach (pre-booking is necessary). The site is situated away from urban centres.

This year's event will feature six dancefloors: Cyberport (techno), Homeport (house), Teleport (progressive), Tranceport (psychedelic trance), Electrocutionport (electro) and Simobil Vodafone Sofasport (lounge). The headliner of the techno floor will be DJ RUSH (for this occasion he will also put together a special mixed CD), Marco Carola, Ben Sims, Umek, Valentino Kanzyani and Pet Duo; the king of the house dancefloor will be the legendary French DJ Bob Sinclar, while the progressive floor will be graced by the excellent trio consisting of Steve Lawler (Global Underground), Desyn Masiello and Wayne Fountain. The psychedelic trance floor will be appropriately decorated in "Goa style" while it will also feature a didgeridoo player. Visuals will be taken care of the B1ST and CodeSign Artworks VJs.

The aim of the festival is, as the name suggests, meeting of like-minded people, enjoying the music, relaxation and escape from the daily routine. To make this possible the festival will offer various facilities such as a small amusement park and a wide range of stalls. There will also be an "Info point" stall to help visitors find their way around the site. Explicit Musick will take care of all security conditions in accordance with the law (Public Gatherings Act) and more, such as: on-site availability of security services and an ambulance with a doctor, appropriate humidity and temperature, sufficient amounts of fresh water free of charge, a sufficient number of seats, a special room for cooling down, access to fresh air etc. Non-government organisation DrogArt will also send a large crew, whose members will observe and help the visitors, give away free water, isotonic drinks and lemons and provide help in case of emergency.

Following the events at and after the Eurora party, the Explicit Musick organisation members decided to intensify their warnings concerning the harmful and dangerous consequences of the use of "dance drugs" in order to encourage the audience to entertain themselves without using any legal or illegal substances. Promotional materials containing messages to this effect will be widely available and a clearly visible caution will be displayed at the event itself.
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Meet Me 2004 Festival in Slovenia

June 6, 2004 at 1:29 PM CEST

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