Paul van Dyk and Hemstock / Jennings

Paul van Dyk seems to have been putting together a few ideas with H & J, with a couple of upcoming track releases which are bound to be an interesting combination.

Some of you might have picked up in the past couple of weeks, the signs of a Paul van Dyk influence of one of H & J's new tracks: "Arctic". With many rumours circulating, the thing which is clear is that the track has been moulded from the original vocals of the track but it has yet to be released.

The news is that the track will be released in the fall, but no label has confirmed its signing, so we can only guess at the possibilities being Phaze Recordings and Vandit at this time.

Paul van Dyk and Hemstock / Jennings

August 28, 2002 at 5:47 PM CEST

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