new MP3 downloads store lanches this week is the new online label and store selling the highest quality mp3 downloads for music fans of all genres. It has been created by Ricky Simmonds, Steve Jones and Tony Rapacioli - best known for their multitude of pseudonyms spanning Progressive, Trance, House and Chill out music. Over the last few years they have remixed over 200 singles, and between them they have charted in the UK with 18 of their own releases, 13 being in the top 40.

Their music has been signed over the past decade to some of the biggest record labels in dance music including Positiva, Manifesto, Virgin, Hooj Choons, Perfecto, Captivating Sounds, Xtravaganza, Mercury, Platipus, East West, Ultra, Media, Eternal, Sony, 3Beat, AM:PM, Duty Free, ZTT, Code Blue, MCA, Global Harmony, Zomba, Cheeky, Warner Brothers and the Ministry of Sound.

With the severe problems the music industry has recently suffered, it has become increasingly difficult to get the music of artists and labels not only heard, but more significantly, distributed widely enough for the music lovers who want to buy their desired tracks. Audiojelly was created with the intention of giving dance music fans all over the world instant access to the tunes they want, when they want, at a price they want.

An overwhelming amount of high profile labels are teaming up with Audiojelly to sell their new releases and back catalogue through the Audiojelly store, including Platipus, Armarda, Classic, Bonzai, Music For Freaks, House D'arret, Choo Choo, Nukleuz, Scanner, Captivating Sounds, Xtravaganza, Fundamental, 3beat breaks, Armind, Relative, Boss, Five Am and Lost Language - with many more signing up on a daily basis.

As well as the opening of the download store, this month also sees the launch of the Audiojelly label. This is the first of its kind in being a digital only label, with an extensive roster that includes Andrea Britton, Miro, The Space Brothers, Praha , Kansai, Lustral, Aurora, Chakra, David Glynn, TR Junior, Kaleidoscope, Quadraphonic, Ascension, The Realm, Oxygen and Attica.

Among the first releases on the Audiojelly label is the new single from Aurora, which is the follow up to the Positiva top 5 European hit 'Ordinary World', TR Junior's in demand 'Turntable Junkie' and brand new remixes of Lustral's classic 'Everytime' (including stunning mixes from Riley & Durrant and Wrecked Angle).

It has taken the last 11 months to create the design, application, navigation and e-commerce for the site, but with the growing appetite for downloading music it has been time well spent on this exciting new venture. The Audiojelly Mission Statement maintains that 'the days of hearing a song on the radio, on the television or in a club and waiting for it to be released are over. Whenever you hear an audiojelly track, you can buy it immediately. Where ever you are on the planet.' new MP3 downloads store lanches this week

July 13, 2004 at 12:48 PM CEST

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