Nascent Recordings presents Thinking Out Loud 01 mixed by Steve Gerrard

Nascent Recordings presents "Thinking Out Loud" mixed by Bedrock's Steve Gerrard, a new double mix CD, the first volume in a series, that will be released on 6th of September. Steve has put together some of the best progressive and breaks tracks that have been found in his record box the last few months, two different CDs, the first being an amalgamation of breaks and the second progressive, mixed with the aid of Allen & Heath's Xone:V6 mixer.

You can be in the Dakota Bar at one of Bedrock's monthly nights at Heaven in London, at one of the legendary Qool parties in San Francisco, or even his own weekly Tuesday nighter in his home town of Birmingham. In fact you could stick a pin in the world map and pick out any location across the globe where he has played, and there's one consistent thing that unites them all. When Steve Gerrard thinks, people notice. However, he likes to do his thinking via his skills on the decks, and he's not one to shy away from the crowd.

Music is one of the best communication tools there is, each and every one of us interpreting it's message in our own unique way, and Steve is a master craftsman, constantly developing his use of music and manipulating how it influences and affects us. Having communicated himself with a copy of Sasha and Digweed's inaugural Renaissance Mix Collection and in particular with Leftfield's 'Song Of Life', Steve's life ever since has been all about music, and spreading it's message to anyone who will listen.

Now the time has come for Steve to spread that message even further with this, his first compilation, aptly titled 'Thinking Out Loud'. A double cd that exemplifies exactly what Steve is all about and more, that is not merely just a collection of tracks split into two discs, but more a universal message that breaks down the barriers.

The tracklist reflects a travelogue, with countries across the globe, many of which Steve has had the opportunity to showcase his skills in, represented by a diverse range of artists. It's an international cast from places such as Holland, Sweden, Australia, Greece and Canada, not to mention some good old homegrown UK talent and their US counterparts, some familiar and some not so familiar, all brought together and led by Steve's unique way of thinking and delivering the common idea that they all reflect.

Each track is carefully layered in the mix as Steve's mind wanders off on many tangents, and be it the sounds of Matthew Dekay, Subsky,, Benz & MD or even Steve and producer partner Russell Pearce's Wrecked Angle project, as Steve's thought process expands, so will your curiosity that compels you to continue to listen, and whilst some of these sounds will be recognisable, there are many unknown and exclusive that take you further and further into the unchartered parts of this groundbreaking DJ's creative mind.

Whether you've heard of him or not, you'll be able to relate to what he has to say regardless of your nationality or location, so sit back, listen and take time to assemble your own thoughts, but be sure to think them out loud... Simon"prog sounds" Jones

"Steve Gerrard's reputation as a great DJ is increasing year on year. This mix shows exactly why, with a cool mix of house and breaks" - John Digweed

Disc 1 Breaks
1: Wrecked Angle – Intro
2: Subsky – Single Gun (Solid mix)
3: Powerplant – Turn To Gold (Madoka's Faded Memories Dub)
4: Pappa & Gilbey – Ortygia (Wrecked Angle mix)
5: Dobbs – The Alchemist (Christian J mix)
6: EK vs. C83 – Threshold
7: Özgür Can & Rouzbeh Delavari Eternity (Chris Lake's Dirty Breaks Mix)
8: Shiloh – Dream On
9: Matthew Dekay - If I Could Fly (Madoka's First Class Drinks Rerub)
10: Andy Moor vs. Ice Cream Social – Control me
11: Burufunk – Outsider (PS mix)
12: Wrecked Angle – Back To Babylon (Burufunk remix)

Disc 2 Progressive Disc
1: V Sag & Andrew K – Fossil (Simuck remix)
2: Pinkbox Special – Simple
3: Benz & MD - Dead Calm
4: Shmuel Flash – The Other Side of Me – (The Other Side of Subsky Rmx)
5: MDK, Roob V & Doves – Gods Answer
6: Martini & Micali – Boundless
7: Fitalic – Transition
8: Kung Fu Rodriguez – SpEd
9: Mike Hiratzka & Joe C - Show Me The Way
10: Dousk – Tengaloop
11: JDK – Phantoms

Nascent Recordings presents Thinking Out Loud 01 mixed by Steve Gerrard

August 18, 2004 at 7:37 PM CEST

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