Sonar 2006 Event Report - Day 2

A severe hangover nearly cancelled Beat Factor's Sonar By Day attendance on the Friday, although the team did manage to arrive at the MACBA by mid afternoon. Entering the SonarVillage presented a rather large surprise, in the shape of the Scissor Sisters prancing around the outdoor platform. Although the New York based band were not to everyone's tastes they did provide a good live show, which even got DJ T dancing along.

Sonar By Day - Friday 16 June 2006

The SonarComplex provided suitable relief to the mainstream drive of the village stage. Optrum, the Japanese virtuoso Atsuhiro Ito, illustrated a mind blowing visual performance that creatively connected with the musical output. Ito used a light sensor, wrapped around his neck, to control electronic sound waves in a truly unique expression. Later on, Senor Coconut and his Orchestra closed the SonarVillage with a crazy but excellent Latin influenced electronic show that amused and amazed in equal measure.

Sonar By Night - Friday 16 June 2006

The first night at Sonar is usually the most anticipated part of the three-day festival, regardless of the line-up. Despite the justified criticisms of the large scale Fira Gran Via, it is still one of the most inspiring places to experience due to the absorbing visuals and soul shaking music. However, the music presented on the night was a mixture of inspiration and, unfortunately, disappointment. Nightmares on Wax were one of the acts that promised to be a highlight, but it turned out to be a poor live performance that never embraced the scale of the audience. Similar criticisms could also be applied to Laurent Garnier who performed live with Bugge Wesseltoft in the new SonarPub location. Opting to mainly sequence compositions from his intricate and down tempo 'The Cloud Making Machine' project, instead of more tech based material, turned out to be the wrong experiment given the environment. Laurent Garnier did inject 'The Man With The Red Face' into the set late on but it sounded rushed and was hardly forward thinking.

Matthew Herbert impressed with an experimental and impeccable takeover of the outdoor SonarPub, whilst Tiga processed the most accomplished DJ set of the evening in the new SonarLab, replacing the footprint of the previous location of the SonarPub. In a strange move, Sonar offered a choice of two world famous progressive DJ's to finish Sonar By Night. Satoshi Tomiie took over from Jeff Mills in the SonarClub and Sasha guided the SonarPub through to sun rise with a techno based set. Sasha proved the most entertaining, demonstrating his versatility and crowd control. One of the main criticisms of the night event had to be the size of the space and the sheer volume of people. Negotiating the different areas is hard enough in previous years, but the new SonarPub location was a long walk through dead space away from the other areas, especially the SonarClub.

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Sonar 2006 Event Report - Day 2

July 11, 2006 at 2:38 PM CEST

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