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No doubt, Steve Porter has become in the past few years a remarkable producer on dance music scene, amazing the public and gaining djs' respect through his great music. His debut album "Homegrown" released on FDS Recordings gathers 14 original tracks, wherefore a few has been released in 12" on labels such as Nu Republic or Sander Kleinenberg's Little Mountain Records, also being featured on mixed compilations like "Everybody" on Renaissance and most recently "Playboy : The Mansion" mixed by Felix da Housecat.

The first track starting "Homegrown" is "Fluffer Nutter", a delicate and melodic progressive which brings up a fantastic guitar tone, alongside an optimistic and colored rhythm, containing then with another driving and nice tune, "Between 9 & 10". Steve Porter's productions contour very well a unique and kicking bass line, making his tracks sound unbelievable not only on the bedroom but also on clubs. Fascinating and hypnotic, the track "Swanky", also featured on Felix da Housecat's mix cd, comes up with an impressive package of beats and sounds, emphasizing beside a sweet and exhilarating rhythm an awesome melodic line, repetitive and very pleasant. "Bobble Daze" contains a warm rhythm which is felt just great on the dance floor, the track bringing a few futuristic sounds which compose a tender and delicious melody, almost irresistible. The tunes flow one by one, the daring beats are in a perfect alignment creating a total harmony, and the innovative and playful melodies, full of life and optimism rends a joy felt by any electronic vibes lover. And the album contains with "Beat N Potatoes", an energetic and sweet track, meeting after that the great "Vodka Cranberries", track which we heard for the first time on the 12" released on Nu Republic. With "Rage in the Cage" we came at the half of the album, this track including such a driving and pumpin' rhythm. Neither this tune, nor the next one, "Sandbox", let us respire, making us move almost involuntary and feel the hawk and pleasant tones. About "Definite Form" I don't have to tell you too many, already much known through the listeners; I can only say it has received an impressive feedback, being featured on many great dj sets from the house music scene. With a few discrete influences of breakbeat, the mix continues with "Electric Jelly", a melodic but also dynamic track, and then with "Lady Elaine", this one bringing back the oriental spirit in dance music, full of significance and mystery. Very careful on details, Steve succeeded to create with his productions sounds warm and dynamic in the same time, full of rhythm and energy, breathing also a sweet melancholy throughout its melodic lines. This would be the story with "Square dancing" too, great track composed from few different melodic lines, based on a nimble and pleasant rhythm which will give you some taste for sure. Another very good track is "Purina", coming up with new power to refresh this end of album, while the last song which also gives the name to the album, "Homegrown", hypnotizes and fascinates with a sublime and repetitive melodic line, ending up this impressive album.

Generally, this is what should be said about Steve's first artist album, and this is for sure the beginning of a long musical career – I don't anticipate, but the facts speak for themselves. This is an album floods in from a bottom to another, without too many detours or style changes, conserving a unique and continuous line, so the listeners should be delighted with some great sounds and fascinating melodies. A big "bravo" for Steve and this good job!

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Steve Porter - Homegrown


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February 2005


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