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Who is Pole Folder? Well, if you heard about Digweed's label Bedrock Records, you surely heard about this Belgian talented musician. All started when Pole was very young, starting to play guitar and trumpet from early five. After many initiatives such as rock bands, Pole Folder discovered dance music through John Digweed and Sasha's music, releasing afterwards his first track called "Apollo Vibe" on Bedrock (this happened in 2001), track which also has been featured on Digweed's Global Underground 019 – Los Angeles; and followed after that "Enter the Rhythm", "Waxxx" and "Dust". Bedrock brings us Pole Folder's debut artist album called "Zero Gold", an album including 10 overwhelming tracks which mix up incredibly well some peaceful and acoustic chill-out sounds with some downtempo and a bit of dance rhythm.

The album starts with "Abrasions", a profound and very melodic downtempo song with some sweet female vocals sitting on a smooth and melancholic rhythm, creating a meditative and deep tonality. The track builds up some real landscapes, bringing an impressive acoustic sound and some very deep and smoothly polished up lyrics. "Waterfalls of Love" composes a pretty dark atmosphere, throughout a melodic and emotional downtempo, which throws into bold relief, beside a compelling vocal, a sweet and atmospheric melodic line almost impossible to be forgotten too quickly. The third track is more intense, coming up with some prominent beats and invoking a somber and sad atmosphere; this tune called "Salvation on Slavery Sins" gets closer to the dance music area, but keeps a languid and warm rhythm. Returning to the dreaminess and self-abandonment with another great track, "Scared to Lose" owns an extremely profound and spacey melody, the words leaving place for the sounds here to speak for themselves and compose. Nothing forced, nothing useless, each sound with a very precise aim, extremely wise and well chosen, this album gathers until now an impressive package of feelings, sensations, thoughts, ideas which we meet every day in our lives and either we keep them hided inside us, or we follow it up, each time resulting something wonderful. With "Inner Turmoil", the album builds up a bit of rhythm, perfectly combining the electronic sounds with some unstable shades of breaks and atmospheric progressive. "London" takes us in a mental area of progressive with many somber and mysterious tones, the track breathing the heavy air of London, a town which Pole Folder feels very affined about it. Loaded with an appealing melody, the track "Fall in Violet" brings a nostalgic air throughout the astonishing vocals from Shelley Harland, surprising the listeners with such a complete calm and profundity. Maybe more a chill-out than a progressive tune, "Morning Crow" conjoin in a pleasant way various rhythms, building up a delicious and interesting groove pattern and as the producer speaks himself, "Morning crow is a fatalistic, but non-negative vision of death". Maybe the most melodic and emotionally filled up track on this album, "Faith in Me" contains beside a profound melodic line some fantastic vocals from Kirsty Hawkshaw which I just can get them out of my head. That's a piece of a track!, fully demonstrating Pole Folder's artist abilities and also Kirsty's rare gift of singing. And "Before it all Changes" is the last track featured on this amazing album; charged with a powerful optimism, this tune takes "Zero Gold" to the end leaving some positive energy with its dynamic beat and deep melodic line.

To listen one time "Zero Gold" means a challenge launched by the musician Pole Folder, but if you listened many times, you just can't escape anymore, you will be charmed and taken by the sounds and unheard melodies, falling in love of it. An artist album which must be for your collection, this is for sure an alternative of seeing life more beautiful, from an optimistic point, more bright and shining. Sincerely congratulations for Bedrock for this first artist album ever and massive respect for Pole!

Track listing:
1. Abrasion
2. Waterfalls Of Love
3. Salvation On Slavery Sins
4. Scared To Lose
5. Inner Turmoil
6. London
7. Fall In Violet
8. Morning Crow
9. Faith In Me
10. Before It All Changes

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Pole Folder - Zero Gold





April 25 2005


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