D:Fuse - Begin

Hailing from Texas, D:Fuse is not just a simple dj, but also he got seriously involved in musical production, at the beginning under the name "Culture Industry". Receiving consideration from Paul Oakenfoald, D:Fuse had many projects with him, such as a series of gigs in more than 50 cities plus two mixed compilation for Perfecto Presents series. And now D:Fuse is seen as music producer, releasing his first artist album on System Recordings, also being present with a series of blistering performances on Miami Winter Music Conference including two live performances with vocalist Jes from Motorcycle. "Begin" is a sophisticated album, discovering here all kind of stuff, from progressive trance anthems to downtempo and ambiental tunes. The cd includes 12 tracks and two more bonus tracks, so let's play it!

"Begin" – moderate and charming, this first track opening the album brings a pleasant beat of downtempo combined with a kind of trip-hop, resulting a very fine mixture of grooves and rhythms. "Everything Is You" is one of the best tunes I heard from D:Fuse, very played by many top djs, track which features the deep vocals of singer Jes from Motorcycle. After this awesome progressive trance sound, melodic and sweet, the chill edit from "Indecision" let us take a breath before striking again through the overwhelmed atmosphere of the album. Discovering here some sweet edits too from Blueletter (aka Grayarea), this great track creates powerful landscapes with some smooth melodies. After the massive "Into Me", a very peaceful and deep track, the interlude which divides us from the next track has a hypnotic effect, giving some silence and peace on the inside. After a long recreation, we break the progressive trance atmosphere again with a great cut, "Other side" which brings a profound and special melody, and after that some mesmerizing hypnotic sounds from "A Light Less Broken", a very loaded track from the affective point of view. "Deep Seduction" comes up with a fresh and driving rhythm, gradually building up a dark bass line faded on some peaceful synths, following to meet after that a charming melodic breakdown. "Know It's Late" brings home the fresh air of the city, with a warm track which contains a meditative melody, innovating with some jazz samples on the end. With some fascinating deep vocals again from Jes, "Living the Dream" takes us in a dreamy atmosphere where a rain of beats and synths overrun us, meeting after that the peaceful "Blue Skies", repetitive till obsession. "Letter to a Friend" is another melodic tune containing a pleasant and warm rhythm, open and sweet, with some other fantastic elements which compose all together a very good track with an optimistic air, very indicated to be listened in the morning. Practical here ends up the album, these last two tunes consisting in two bonus tracks, two nice edits of "Everything Is You" and "Living the Dream", both containing the wonderful vocals of Jes. Therefore, this is "Begin", the debut artist album of the dj and music producer D:Fuse, a very well received album which must be for your collection.

12 + 2 tracks gathered in one album; "Begin". And this is only the beginning; we look forward to hear some other new tunes from the Texan D:Fuse. Sweet!

D:Fuse - Begin


System Recordings


SYS 1042-2


November 2 2004


May 17, 2005 at 10:27 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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