Snake Sedrick - Alterna & The Face

This is not the first time when we hear about the dj and producer Snake Sedrick, often seen in studio with his partner Andro, releasing last year an exceptional disc, "Solid State/Liquid State". This new 12" from Snake Sedrick is released on Inversus Limited, containing two melodic and profound progressive cuts.

First one is "Alterna", a track by an exceptional melodic line which stands out in relief especially on breakdown, with some warm and mellow sounds. Beside the somber groove pattern and abstract bass line, the additional elements which bring some unique and evolved melodic lines make from this track a unique experience lived by the listener, exploring the deep universe of progressive house.

"The Face" is more intense, energetic, containing more rhythm and dynamism and contouring a dubious atmosphere, pretty weird but extremely profound and full of spacey and impressive sounds.

A melodic package from Snake, looks like this producer didn't burst forth from his progressive style which made him known, bringing now a new disc for the atmospheric progressive lovers.

Snake Sedrick - Alterna & The Face


Inversus Limited




March 28 2005


May 17, 2005 at 10:23 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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