Balance 007 mixed by Chris Fortier

After the very fine "Balance 006" with Anthony Pappa, we were all curious who is going to be the one in charge for setting up the seventh compilation. When rumors started to spread that Chris Fortier might mix this seventh series, many have been quite amazed, and not long after, the big news appeared on the official Chris Fortier's webpage, where Chris was mentioning that the listeners will have to "go in with open minds and ears". Released on EQ Records, Balance 007 is an awesome travel through an impressive variety of musical styles, plunging with tech-house, minimal, electro and house. For those who think that the future of electronic music stops here, listen to this new material and then will talk!

With producers such as PJ Davy, Agoria, Slam, Alex Smoke and many others, the first cd is no doubt more than interesting, starting from the beginning with a drop of melodic ambience from Global Communications and the track "The Deep". Smooth and pleasant, the mix discretely gets accelerated from a track to another, meeting many phases. Already getting us out from the sonant harmony, Carl Craig's remix of Floppy Sounds with the track "Entertainment", tune which brings some fresh electro sounds, actuating the mix. A bit strange and abstract, the track "It Hits My Hair (Falling Deep)" from Error Error composes a burdensome atmosphere, like that which you feel when you stilly walk and all together an inevitable and sudden think happens. But 2 Dollar Egg adds some melody with the track "4 Rooms (Fahrenheit)" it's extremely well done speaking about percussion, bringing in the front an innovative and interesting rhythm. Alex Smoke put us in a fascinating tech-house atmosphere, his track contouring very good the mix's trajectory until now. After PJ Davy's enchanting tech-house tune, the French producer Agoria breaks the sonant boundaries, trying to bring some mystery with the genial "Klub". A bit thick in sounds, "Break Free" from Lindos & Moth accelerates the rhythm in a certain measure making the listeners involuntary move. With a special inspiration, the mixture from electro, breaks and minimal makes from the next track produced by Kobbe & Nitro an impressive harmony composed by deep melodic lines and hot rhythms. The next 2 tracks which are going together incredibly well give you a sweet taste with a sonant perfume of delicate beats which bring things to a head, making this first cd to shine. From minimal we smoothly go to electro with the help of "Raetselrausch" by D Diggler, track with an incredible energy and power of controlling the public. Pushing the mix through new territories, the track from 1UP brings a surplus of dynamism, impressing with the awesome bass line which step by step reveals, and also the profound melodic lines which appear one by one. The track which closes up this first cd, "Hello, Is This Thing On?", produced by !!!(Chk Chk Chk) make a fine fade between classic electronic sounds and futuristic beats, making therefore the mix to end in a pleasant way.

More minimal and melodic, the second cd brings more profundity and sonant harmony, starting with "Minimo" from HD Substance, a warm and very pleasant tune, and then continuing with an atmospheric and sweet house from Vector Lovers, "Futures in Plastic". Coming back to a dizzy tech-house tune with some meditative melody from Mathew Jonson and then letting the "Propaganda" from Jussi Pekka to overwhelm us with a deep bass line and a hypnotic rhythm. Another track which makes the listener to tremble of pleasure, vibrating at unison on a sweet and impressive melodic line comes from Connors & Klinger featuring Fay Sephirah, with the track called "Usage". Featured on this cd as well, 2 Dollar Egg wakes up the listeners from the reverie, offering with "Naxos" simple quality and nothing much! The next tune comes from Nicholas Wood, combining in a unique way a gimlet breaks tune with electro vibes and adding some impressive elements of minimal. From here, the mix resuscitates with a series of exceptional tracks such as "Open the Door" from Floppy Sounds or from Patrick Zigon vs. David Phillips, where the atmosphere warms up, the rhythm becoming dizzy and hypnotic, making the listeners to wince. From the ingenious earlier tech-house tune, the mix goes a little into the progressive aria, with "Sound Of Ignition" from Borut Margon, following after to appear on the front some techno influences with the first one from Lucas Rodenbush's two tracks. Somehow atmospheric and deep, the track "Submerged" brings a sweet melody, melancholic and peaceful, smoothly conciliating the spirits. Everything finishes just great with the Micah's genial remix on "As You Fall" produced by Bent, an extremely pleasant track, composed by a series of profound melodic lines, an enchanting vocal and a peaceful and warm rhythm, definitely a great track closing this awesome material.

Beside the two main cds forming up this compilation, Chris Fortier has added also a bonus cd, so that the "Balance" being an unforgettable compilation for this summer, to go anywhere with us, being a compilation of reference for dance music.

If we analyze the entire compilation from point to point, we would probably realize that Chris Fortier detached somehow of what he was doing last year, as he simply said. New music for new times! With this new one, the Balance series has become a series of reference and with this latest volume, the brand says all. Good show!!!

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Balance 007 mixed by Chris Fortier






May 10 2005


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