Beaumont pres Elevon - Drop Zero

Coming from a respected label management brand (Mixturi), the new label Winds West Recordings makes its debut with a clever disc produced by Beaumont pres Elevon, "Drop Zero", composed from two nice tracks which will surely calm down and elevate you.

The Original mix is the first track featured on this package, consisting in a melodic and atmospheric progressive, with many wise melodies, superposed on a simple kick and groove pattern which forms up a pleasant rhythm. A tune with huge atmosphere and ambiance, this version imposes itself through an absolute calm, getting lost in a profound air of nostalgia and meditation.

More intense, Artfloteba's mix comes with a few new sounds, keeping on the tonality from the original, but working harder on percussion. The long strings are composing an air pretty monotone, making the listener to feel some relaxation, self-abandonment and peace.

A pleasant disc which must be listened most at home, in intimacy, "Drop Zero" brings to the public two interesting tunes with some profound and mysterious tones, tracks which must be listened very careful.

Beaumont pres Elevon - Drop Zero


Winds West Recordings


WWR 001


May 2005


May 8, 2005 at 11:29 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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