Weird Continental Types - Living On An Island EP Part 2

The second disc from WCT is not so accelerated and brushy as the first disc, this bringing some more melody and affectivity, creating in a subtle way a warm and profound atmosphere. This does at least the track "Rizing", giving room for some much energy lifting to the last track, "Web-O-Matic".

I was saying, the A side consists in a bright breakbeat, melodic and less aggressive, bringing in front some smooth meditative melodies, on which background lies a strong package of abstract and strange sounds which confer a special sound, revealing an entire world of sounds and melody.

The last track from the EP doesn't want to let the listeners respire, coming with a heavy load of powerful, aggressive and wild beats and grooves, massive bass line and an obsessive drum pattern which leads the atmosphere to paroxysm.

There could be many other things to say about these two characters, but I let this EP to speak. Auspiciously and interesting, this WCT project has big plans for 2005, hoping therefore that we will hear many other good things as soon as possible. As for Bedrock Breaks, here the things are doing great, the Bedrock brand being conserved with carefulness and professionalism.

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Weird Continental Types - Living On An Island EP Part 2


Bedrock Breaks




June 2005


April 24, 2005 at 11:05 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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