Weird Continental Types - Living On An Island EP Part 1

About these two pioneers from WCT (Weird Continental Types), or rather Gaetan Schurrer and Barry Jamieson, I can tell you they have quite an experience in the musical domain, one of them studio technician and keyboard player (Gaetan), the other one more than 17 years of experience in music industry. Among many other things, both have heavily worked on compilations such as Sasha's "Involver", "Northern Exposure" 1 and 2 with Sasha and John Digweed, setting up studios owning to most notorious djs and producers, and now they formed together WCT. With this new project, they have produced a two discs EP ("Living on an Island EP") on the much known label Bedrock Breaks. This EP contains four tracks included on two separate 12"s and all the tracks are entirely made with Ableton Live (a wise toy-program which deserves all its eulogies).

The first disc contains "Phat As" and "What the Funk", two breakbeat productions which rake out an impressive vital force and an ardent energy. First of them, "Phat As", is a nervous and dynamic breakbeat tune which doesn't let you breathe, dominating the dance floor and hypnotizing through a great power. With a crazy rhythm, the track unfetters an electronic and aggressive bass line, while a simple and obsessive melodic line keeps the listeners connected to maximum power – as I said, 100% dement!:)

On the flip side is "What the Funk", another massive tune which won't let you take some rest until it's over, bringing in the forefront some acid synths which resuscitate the atmosphere, making the rhythm alive and sick. As it wasn't enough, beside the ardent pattern, the track throws into bold relief some abstract vocals which give an agitated sound, accelerated and aggressive.

A disc which I recommend to be listened to the highest volume, the first part of the EP may be used as a terror wing for neighbors, so be careful!

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Weird Continental Types - Living On An Island EP Part 1


Bedrock Breaks




June 2005


April 24, 2005 at 11:04 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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