Danny Howells - Global Underground 027: Miami

Danny Howells is a guy who became legendary on the electronic music scene, giving an impressive contribution to the enrichment (and improvement) of the house music, with an original style described as \"deep sexy futuristic techfunk house\". All the efforts but also great talent has brought Danny where he is now, an old-timer, standing high in public's favor and glorying in a notoriety gained in time, if we take into consideration those over 12 years of experience in dj-ing and producing tunes. Today Danny returns to Global Underground with an enchanting double mix compilation, the 27th from the GU series.

Slide and refined, the first CD opens with Subway and the track "Thermal", tasting some quality even from the first minutes, following to insidiously enter the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere of the mix. After some breaks, we meet another irresistible track, very calm and harmonic produced by Tomas Barfot, "Light Shine"; enjoy the impressive smooth vocals out there! After that, we get out from the dizziness and reverie even for a while with Steve Bug's remix of the track "Road through the Rain" by AN-2, for entering deeper and deeper the rhythm with Ame and the track called "Shiro". Sneaker Pimps already invites us to the dance floor with a remix from Salt City of his "Post Modern Sleaze", while Adam Kroll Break 3000 kicks some asses with his "Discotronic". After Tantra's track, the mix starts to accelerate for a bit, being introduced some much dynamism and eliminating somehow the calm and the melodic reverie from the first half of the set. With tracks such as "Mission TF017" by DJ Nique or "Like A Virgin" by Olaf Pozsgay, the atmosphere warms up, gets some life and energy. Another track with a futuristic sound and extremely innovating is "Les Nocturnes" brought by Silicon Soul, coming with a unique and eclectic melody, also a much appreciated tune by the top djs. Mimosa and the track "End of Me" brings again the drowsiness and the harmony of music with an enchanting vocal and a relaxing melody, while Atomphunk and "Boogie Down (Kneedeep Mix)" makes the listener to dream and feel a few vibrations of an eccentric and delicate sound. The one who is in charge to finish this first cd is Bent, bringing through "Exercise 5" the silence and the calm from the beginning of this cd.

The second CD doesn't get out from the pattern, only that adds some much rhythm and dynamism especially in the second half, some more abstract synths and complicated melodic lines, mellow and warm. With some more spore, this cd makes its opening with Dennis Desantis and the track "Thin Air", following that in short time to discover a great tune from Codebase, "Seek and Destroy", track which congeals very well both the driving rhythm (which gets remarked with an exceptional percussion) and the profound, peaceful and deep melodic line. With Dennis Desantis once again here with another good tune, the mix opens itself, contouring and gaining a unique sound, interesting and wise. Later we can experiment a mysterious part of Danny Howells' music, tougher and darker, by tracks such as "Bulldozer" from Sid Lerock. The next track coming from Steve Barnes doesn't bring too much harmonic melody either, standing out through the abstract synths and the weird melodic lines. A very nice and warm progressive house track comes further from Wighnomy Bros, composing through the track "Wurze & Blusse" an incredible pleasant ambiance where the rhythm which makes you shake your head perfectly fades with a profound bass line. Another track which points out some sexy grooves comes from Mateo Murphy, and after that we might feel some club vibes with a kicking and nice electro from Boogie Drama, "Stalkers Groove". Resuscitating a mysterious air produced by some dubious sounds and a powerful male vocal, the next track, "Crying Hero (Tiga Mix)" from Drama Society, sounds a bit scaring, but we get ourselves in shape soon with Bobby Peru and the track called "Blood Money", delighting with some nice vocal samples and a powerful hypnotic rhythm which fascinates through dynamism and spirit. Because Tiefschwarz always brought us quality electro stuff, he strives back here too, spangling on his remix some quirky synths superposed on an energetic bass line which composes a lovely rhythm. With featured artists such as Solid Gold Playaz, Ashtrax or Bryan Zentz, we relax with an exceptional music, enjoying some energetic beats, some bass lines glacial sometimes and extremely hot other times, all these in a unique and nice mixture. This second cd it's being closed gradually, following that after Greens Keepers and the excellent "Keep it down", the last one to finally end up the session with a warm and peaceful track, but with an acid percussion; this is Throbbing Gristle and the track "Hot On The Heels Of Love (Simon Radcliffe Mix)".

Ending here, I'm deeply amazed that I didn't feel when approximately two hours and a half has gone, traveling in Danny's world, through thousands of beats and samples, all of them connected at two awesome sets which bring out an unedited combination between progressive house, tech-house, minimal, funky, breaks. With a very fine GU, Danny justly gains once again their consideration, those ones who know and are capable to appreciate some quality electronic music.

Danny Howells - Global Underground 027: Miami


Global Underground




April 2005


April 24, 2005 at 10:57 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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