Charles & Kling - Parallel Realities

A very good disc from Mixturi Recordings (this also being the label's debut) is produced by a duo which I have to admit that made a pretty good job out there, working on this 12"; they are Charles & Kling and their disc is called "Parallel Realities", containing two tracks with a solid and abstract sound, dark and energetic. The remix comes from Habersham, a guy who is known as a talented producer.

The original edit consists in a dark progressive with less melody, somber, with many abstract sounds and an elaborated percussion. The track is based on a deep bass line, entering after in a dubious breakdown where some effected vocals are appearing. A tough tune, with a powerful and simple rhythm, acute and keen, this version is indicated in a club session.

Soft and gentle, Habersham's remix curdles very well the breakbeat with tech-house, bringing some new melodic lines, but keeping the vocals from the original. Many electronic samples, bizarre and unique, make the track to shine both in the first part when a nice techy house is unleashed and the second part when a new sweet melodic line appears, which makes you dance and bounce. The track seems to be made from two different pieces with a perfect fade between them.

These are two tracks one of a kind, especially Habersham's edit which was featured on Luke Chable's Therapy Sessions cd, so it's a disc with good references though.

Charles & Kling - Parallel Realities


Mixturi Recordings






April 24, 2005 at 10:51 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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