Agent 001 - Mystic Disco & Jabbajaw

You are probably familiar with Agent 001 if you have listened to tracks such as "When Pigs Fly", "Tektonic Shift" or "Bubble Bath". Well, Steve Porter and Eli Wilkie release a new material on Blueprint Recordings made by two unedited pieces, "Mystic Disco" and "Jabbajaw", with an improved but characteristic sound, efficient for clubs.

Smooth and Hypnotic, "Mystic Disco" offers to the listener a profound and low bass line, many elements of percussion, a few abstract and weird synths and a great delicious and driving rhythm. The tune itself does not bring too much melody, being shaped at the half and then leaving for the bass to dominate.

A bit more playful, kicking and in good trim, the other production from Agent 001, "Jabbajaw", brings more melody, being much sophisticated and loaded with sounds and various tones and melodic lines, but roughly keeping the specific rhythm, as well as some strange but necessary grooves. Much carefulness to the percussion too, this track alongside with the other one brings once again a nonconformist, original and professional sound.

With this new disc, Steve and Eli reveal again their talent, preserving the classic line of the productions which gave them originality and got them out of ruck.

Agent 001 - Mystic Disco & Jabbajaw


Blueprint Recordings


BLU 005


18th April 2005


April 24, 2005 at 10:46 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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