Omegahom - Dark House

Released on Presslab Records, the disc "Dark House" produced by Omegahom in this spring warms up a bit the listeners with three progressive edits, playful and kicking.

The A side version is the original, discovering here a waggish and driving bass line and some nice male vocals, superposed on a simple melodic line and a pleasant clear rhythm. Very good on percussion, the track maintains the hot atmosphere.

Bringing into focus a progressive tune with some breaks influences, the second version ("Last Version") doesn't differentiate too much from the original, just a few changes on the rhythm but the same vocals and melodic lines.

And finally, "Omegahom vs Presslaboys mix" seems to be the most driving and well done version, without bringing radical changes, keeping the jerky rhythm. The track doesn't contain a suggestive and profound melodic line but still is has something nice on the rhythm, making it sounds good.

Just another three tracks package which doesn't bring innovations but sounds ok on the dance floor, coming from a project about which we might hear again soon, Omegahom.

Omegahom - Dark House


Presslab Records


PS 034


23 April 2005


April 24, 2005 at 10:40 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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