Dj Chus & Abel Ramos - Live Session 2

Stereo Productions is a label which can be proud of its rich discography, releasing both discs and compilatii; and now let's talk about a new compilation, namely "Live Session 2", double cd format, consisting in two hot mixes coming from Dj Chus L. Esteban and Abel Ramos. Using CDJ s 1000 MK2, decks 1200 MK2 plus other additional elements such as Redsound Cloops Sampler, this is no doubt an interesting compilation, full of guts and rhythm with an optimistic sound, bringing into focus many tribal and dark beats, warm and kicking progressive, profound and evolved melodic lines.

On the first CD we listen to Dj Chus' set, a dj that you may know of good things in the past years, being appreciated not only by the clubbers and house music lovers but also by old timer djs. The tune which opens this cd is called "The rhythm of life (Belocca remix)", composed by Muzzaik feat. Stephan Parker, consisting in a tribal house with specific elements from Stereo, both rhythms and melodies. Chus maintains his characteristic style on the entire set with producers such as Quim Campbell, Crystal Symphony, Prompt, De Hugo & De Rivera, and many others. The third track brings a warm rhythm and some sweet vocals, perfectly faded with Prompt's "Alhambra". We can meet here too "Low Frequencies" from Chus & Ceballos vs Richie Santana, a track extremely dynamic and driving, featured on some other compilations produced by Stereo. Another surprise is Deux and the track "Sun Rising Up", nice tune with much feedback from the public. Dimas & Ferrero and the track "Tunes of Nirvana" is already well known by those who listened to some other compilations mixed by Chus & Ceballos. After "The Bass Drive" by Roman Lieske, a pretty somber and dark tune, the mix ends up with a sweet vocal, Astrid Suryanto – "More & More (Chus & Ceballos Iberican remix)". The first cd, composed from 12 tracks brings again the summer in our houses, the air of sea and deep sunsets, the warm but energetic rhythm and a few vibes coming straight from the Iberican Peninsula.

Abel Ramos, the one who has mixed the second cd of this compilation, comes with an interesting package of energetic and kicking tunes, outdistancing a bit the classic Stereo style with some smooth progressive house on his set, but keeping in the aggregate the same line as the first one used by Chus. The cd opens with Be Quiet and the track "Another World", discovering here some breaks influences which sweeten up the mix, giving a promising beginning. Michael Burns' "North e.p." it sounds extremely well, containing some unique and harmonic tones, as well as a driving bass line jazzes up the track. Another good tune is the next one produced by Simon & Shaker feat Alicia Hawks, coming with a fresh air, new and strong vibrations and besides this a remarkable vocal. The rhythm continues to be unleashed with two remixes of D-Formation for Simon & Shaker & Abel Ramos presents S.A.R.S – "Overbooking" and the well known "La Noche" by Coca & Villa. The next tune refreshes the atmosphere for a bit, adding up some smooth melody and deep harmony to the mix, a relaxing vocal and a sweet rhythm; we deal here with Electro Prompt and the track "Beside Me", under the shape of a remix from Gothk D.C. Abel Ramos is present here as a producer too, coming with a fresh sound and crazy rhythm, but remixed here by Roman Lieske. An excellent progressive is brought by M.A.S Collective, remixing "Foxy", track composed by Moth feat Engeline, also well known by the house music lovers. With an exceptional, warm and peaceful melodic line, "Foxy" sweeten up Abel's mix until now. Michael Burns' North e.p. comes once again, this time with "Forwards" version, edit which sounds better than the first one, "The Ambience". With "African Stomper" the atmosphere gets hot once again, Dj Sin Plomo bringing through his track some color and a few "sick" vibes to the mix. After the tribal mix made by Technova, the set finishes up with a classic tune which made very good impression for many years in the clubs and discos, reedited for 2005 by Dj Chus.

And so ends "Live Session 2", a compilation with a specific Spanish sound offered in double cd format by Stereo Productions. This can ve considered a collection of tracks on which we come back with delight anytime and which make us feel the summer, creating powerful landscapes through the nice and various melodies making us vibrate on energetic rhythms.

01. MUZZAIK feat. STEPHAN PARKER – The rhythm of life (Belocca remix)
02. QUIM CAMPBELL – Deepest drumz (Mucho drums re-edit)
03. CRYSTAL SYMPHONY – Native Woman (Di Paul remix)
04. PROMPT – Alhambra (Prompt Iberican remix)
05. CHUS & CEBALLOS vs RICHIE SANTANA – Low Frequencies (Original Stereo mix)
06. DE HUGO & DE RIVERA – Electribe Buzz (Roman Lieske remix)
07. MENDO – Watermelon (Mendo's Iberican mix)
08. HEADZ feat AZEEM – Wait 4 you (Original Vocal mix)
+Chus & Ceballos - Echoes from Doruma (percapella)
09. DEUX – Sun Rising Up (Vocal mix)
+Celeda - Dirty Filthy Acapella
10. DIMAS & FERRERO – Tunes of Nirvana (Original mix)
+Di Simmon - The Sound of the Drums accapella
11. ROMAN LIESKE – The Bass Drive (Advance mix)
12. ASTRID SURYANTO – More & More (Chus & Ceballos Iberican remix)


Intro – DE LOREN & COLORS – Nanga (Accapella)
01. BE QUIET – Another World (Original breaks mix)
02. MICHAEL BURNS – 'North e.p' The Ambience
03. SIMON & SHAKER feat. ALICIA HAWKS 'Make it' (main mix)
04. SIMON & SHAKER & ABEL RAMOS presents S.A.R.S – 'Overbooking' (D-Formation remix)
05. COCA & VILLA feat. PEPE RUBIO – 'La Noche' (D-Formation remix)
06. ELECTRO-PROMPT – 'Beside me' (Gothek D.C remix)
07. ABEL RAMOS – Aquarius (Roman Lieske remix)
08. MOTH feat. ENGELINE – 'Foxy' (M.A.S Collective remix)
09. MICHAEL BURNS – 'North e.p' Forwards
10. DJ SIN PLOMO – African Stomper (Main mix)
11. TECHNOVA – 'La Sabana' (Original tribal mix)
12. Exclusive Track! GREECE 2005 (Dj Chus Olympic bootleg mix)

Mixed live using 2 decks Technics 1200 MKII + 2 Pionner CDJ1000

Dj Chus & Abel Ramos - Live Session 2


Stereo Productions




March 14, 2005


April 24, 2005 at 10:29 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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