Shamano - Standing On Your Feet

"Standing on Your Feet" is called this 12" produced by Shamano and released on Italian label Presslab Records, a disc which comes with three progressive house tracks containing a powerful dynamism.

First of them is "Flavio Vecchi original" and consists in a specific progressive tune, relatively simple and poor in melody, but driving and solid in the drum pattern. A few vocals appear on the track giving it more life and making it sound much dynamic.

The "Robymasi mix" is an improved version on percussion and melody as well, with a bit of energy and a few long strings which give some much harmony to the track. The rhythm is penetrating, being composed by a powerful bass line and outlined by some electronic samples which make their appearance in the second part of the track.

The last track on the disc is "Break it Down", tune which goes somewhere different, to acid house and electro, contouring a heavy and ding-dong bass line, aggressive and deep. An arrangement of bizarre samples keeps the listener awake while a few vocals bring some energy.

This is it with this new disc signed Shamano, a virtual trip through the world of electronic music which evolves more and more, and this goes to a competitive scramble.

Shamano - Standing On Your Feet


Presslab Records


PS 033


25 February 2005


April 24, 2005 at 9:01 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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