Niki B & Christian EFFE - The African Song

The two Italians' discography starts to enrich with each new season, appearing new and new releases. "The African Song" is a new material produced by them for CP Recordings, disc which contains a remix too from Baunder.

The Original mix from the first side is a very good track, one of the best productions of the Italians. The guys are maintaining the progressive line, but this time they really succeed in creating a very good track, with a pleasant rhythm, loaded with sounds and percussions. The melodic line is not very complicated, intervening and evolving at the breakdown, and then reentering in the pleasant and driving rhythm.

As for "Baunder remix", we meet here a peaceful track, warm, a progressive not very melodic but calm and relaxing. Neither the remix nor the original mix makes itself cheap and can be trustingly used in clubs. We meet a quirky bass line which is putted on the map, and a pretty complicated melodic line, a bit different than the original version, but sweet and interesting.

A good disc for sure, "The African Song" is that kind of progressive very indicated for clubs and home as well, so don't miss it! We hear more and more good things about this duo of promise with an elevated potential.

Niki B & Christian EFFE - The African Song


CP Recordings




May 2005


April 19, 2005 at 11:48 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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