Habersham - Into the M

Habersham is already known as a talented producer, being responsible for original tracks and remixes which became appreciated by djs and radio stations as well, even by simple listeners. And the label Existence Records is the one which releases one more disc by Habersham, "Into the M", track which received an impressive feedback from djs such as Anthony Pappa, Moshic, Chris salt, Chris Cargo, etc.

And so, the A side brings the original mix, consisting in a melodic and kicking progressive. The bass line is one of the most important elements of this track, being sustained by many other synths which compose various melodies and tonalities, resulting therefore a delicate track, suited for club. After we meet the entire rhythm composed by many elements, the breakdown brings a few new sounds and at the same times a new melodic line which continues to play till the end. The bass line creates a furor, taking the track to an apart final and making us love it.

The other two tracks from the flip side, Paul K & Paul S Dub mix and later Mikel Curcio mix, take a quite different path, changing themselves into a slower progressive, but keeping in some measure the melody from the original version. The first one of the two mixes is slow, sweet and atmospheric, with a few new hypnotic and meditative synths, while the last edit is maybe the most underground and dark track on this disc.

A release which won't be shouldn't miss from any dj bag who wants to give color to the club.forgiven too soon, at least of those whom love this kind of electronic music, "Into the M" is a disc to watch.

Habersham - Into the M


Existence Records


EXST 001


March 14 2005


April 19, 2005 at 11:43 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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