BCML - Fun

The second disc from Secret Planet of the two BCML, Ben Camp and Mat Leutwyler, is "Fun", which is quite different than "Grammar Lesson", taking in consideration the style and the tonalities, but this 12" brings an exceptional and new sound, a unique combination between tech-house, an eccentric electro and some deep and dark progressive beats, in a suggestive and admirable formula.

"Fun" is called the track from the first side, which contains two versions, the original and a pretty short dj tool, but maybe the most enchanting. The original comes with a package of electro vibes, with a strident and continuous bass line, a pattern filled up with acid and tough grooves, which subdues to an energetic and powerful melody, not very tough but extremely fresh. "Olb17 and bencampmovim's borderline haircut re-werk" is the dj tool which I was talking about, a track which reminds me of the genial and admirable "A Break in the Clouds" by Holden. With a dizzy and clogged up bass line, this version of "Fun" brings a few exceptional sounds, strange and forming up an unique rhythm which changes its aspect and it's differentiating from the other tracks of these two guys.

The track from the flip side is produced along with Paul Sparkes and is called "LAdysparkes" – a name quite suggestive? We enter in the acid house and tech-house atmosphere, meeting many acid and tough synths during the track. FEW of them are even violent, without much affective load, melody or delicacy. Total indiscreetly, the sounds are superposed barefaced, so that anyone can hear them, making from this track approximately 8 minutes of pure madness on the dance floor.

This is "Fun", and after these two discs, this one and "Grammar Lesson", you will surely heard some more from BCML, because looks like these two guys are really making good music together.

A: Fun (original)
B1: Fun (Borderline Haircut Rework #5)
B2: Fun (LadySparkes)

BCML - Fun


Secret Planet




March 7 2005


April 19, 2005 at 11:33 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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