Nathan Fake - Dinamo EP

After several releases such as "The Sky Was Pink", "Warlington Street" and exceptional remixes for Avus, Steve Lawler and others, Nathan Fake is a person who needs no introduction. What actually brings Nathan into prominence is his complicated, original and daring style, making him in short time one of the most appreciated producers on the techno scene and gaining the sympathy of a numerous public as well as of other "fellows" from the ramie. Now it is "Dinamo" which comes into the picture, a fresh disc released on Traum Schallplatten which contains three incredible tracks.

The first one is called "Dinamo" and dominates from far the entire disc, not only with a unique and complicated grooves and kicks arrangement, but also with an hypnotic and very evolved melodic line. From the beginning we meet a strange aligning of sounds which discretely composes the lent rhythm but also there is the melodic line which starts to get concentrated with each new synth added in the pattern. After we deeply fathomed the rhythm, the track gives new long and continuous sounds which bring a fresh melody and an air of mystery and meditation. The sounds are convoluted, taking the song to a calm end and a final breakdown.

The flip side contains two ambrosial tracks, first one, "Undoing the Laces", consisting in an acid house with many influences from techno. A tough and bizarre track, without melody, simple and flat, with a simple arrangement of kicks, dominating the hihats. It is maybe a much appreciated track for clubs and bouncing, inflaming the dance floor.

The third song on this disc is slower, containing a profound and melancholic melodic line, bringing bonus a few male vocals which I have to admit that improve the quality of the track much, making it sound incredible. "Coheed" tries to appease both of the other tracks which run counter, being a transit between techno and tech-house.

Well, "Dinamo" brings to Nathan Fake new virtues and satisfactions, being a very good, controversial and futuristic disc, one to watch!

A: Dinamo
B1: Undoing The Laces
B2: Coheed

Nathan Fake - Dinamo EP


Traum Schallplatten




February 2005


April 19, 2005 at 11:22 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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