Jonathan Lisle - Bedrock Original Series 02

The first volume of Bedrock OS was a very appreciated compilation, this new series being opened with Desyn Masiello, an extraordinary person who promises lot of things for the electronic music. The second volume of Bedrock series is mixed by another dj with lot of potential, a guy who is striving all the time to push the boundaries, a guy who takes very seriously his job and who introduces lot of elements in his dj sets. He is Jonathan Lisle, and this is Bedrock O.S.2. If we take a look on the tracklist, we will discover 13 tracks different as style, 13 tracks which together form up a fascinating mix. With artists such as Matthew Dekay, Habersham, Trafik, Andy Ling, PMT, etc, Bedrock O.S. 2 is a shining compilation, with a careful and wise track selection, composing a pretty impressive dj set.

Piercing the mix atmosphere, we meet Cosmic Baby and the track "A Tribute to Bladerunner Volume 1", track which gradually builds the tension, taking step by step the mix to the unique "Waiting for the Night" of the project Rabbit in the Moon. The beats become more and more daring, more and more diverse and wicked, making a journey through styles in an unique and innovative way and providing in the same time the listener's soul with new vibrations. After the sweet Art of Silence and "West 4", the mix brings the delicious Habersham's production, "Gently Shifting People", track which certainly raises the tension, even if it appears under a remix from Relisys. Since now, all it's more than ok! Hawke is great too, bringing a pretty good track, "Vivos En La Muerte", leading the listeners into a fascinating world of abstract sounds, maybe a bit dubious, but which strategically arranged compose a deep and power melodic line. Going further, John introduces in his mix the track "Ghost Sector" from Steiger, and then tasting from the delicious "Afro Lava Lamp" by PMT. We are at the half of the compilation when we discover the sweet eccentric sound of the Young American Primitives project which brings more mystery and flavor with the track "Voyage to the great Attractor". After Hawke and "Can You See the Light" we discover a remix made by Habersham and Blade Potter to the track "Surrender" by those from Trafik, which just enchanted us with the latest "Bullet". Certainly, Matthew Dekay is the person who needs no introduction, being featured too on this compilation with Proluctors, the track being called "Bad". After this fusion of energetic beats and a penetrating rhythm, we get close slow but sure to Andy Ling and the classic "Fixation", which through the remix "Havel & Evolution 2005" enchants the listeners and brings more color to the mix. And the last track on this compilation which ends up this successful session is signed by Forme. The track "Ignition" takes the listener back on the ground, waking them up from the dreamy sensation and closing the second Bedrock OS.

A very sophisticated album which incorporates many styles and genres of electronic music, Bedrock OS 2 composes therefore a daring amalgamation of tracks and rhythms, transforming the person Jonathan Lisle, the protagonist of this album, into a real professor into the electronic music domain.

1. Cosmic Baby - A Tribute To Bladerunner Vol. 1 (LA main titles)
2. Art of Silence- West 4 (Beat Foundations Crowd Control Dub)
3. Rabbit in The Moon - Waiting For the Night
4. Habersham - Gently Shifting People (Relysis Monentary Lapse of Reason)
5. TwoFourteen - Her Stereo Malanger
6. Hawke - Vivos La Muerte
7. Steiger - Ghost Sector
8. PMT - Afro Lavalamp
9. Young American Primitive - Voyage To The Great Attractor
10. Gavin Hardkiss - See The Love Infinite (Rabbit In the Moon Remix)
11. Trafik - Surrender (Habersham & Blake Potter Remix)
12. Matthew Dekay – Bad
13. Andy Ling - Fixation (Evolution and Hamel Remix 2005)
14. Forme - Ignition

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Jonathan Lisle - Bedrock Original Series 02






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