Fitalic - Emotion

The Konseption Records label makes its debut with a nice disc produced by the Dutch producers Fitalic (also producers for Vapour, 19Box and Sog Records), disc called "Emotion" and which contains a remix as well from the well known producer Luke Chable.

The original version is a progressive with some smooth uplifting elements, aspect especially caused by the simple bass line and the standard kick and hihats arrangements. The melodic line is contoured step by step and it's simple as well and not extremely melodic, but repetitive and hypnotic. At the half, the breakdown calms down the atmosphere for a bit, leaving the final part to unleash itself, but with no many changes comparatively with the first part.

Luke Chable's remix is from far a veritable track, fixing all the faults of the original mix and providing a sound totally changed, more fresh and alive, also better from the qualitative point of view. Without a profound melody, the tune succeeds in composing a warm, peaceful and sweet atmosphere, making the disc to shine.

This 12" was acclaimed even by Sasha, especially Luke's remix, fact which proves that this material must be taken in our attention.

Fitalic - Emotion


Konseption Records




February 2005


March 5, 2005 at 7:23 PM CET


Dragos Rusu

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