Micah, Ben Camp & Mat Leutwyler - Grammar Lesson EP

Already Silver Planet is known as a label releasing top progressive house and breaks tunes. The new EP released on Silver Planer sub label Secret Planet is offered by a trio of producers whom have an important word to say in the industry, Ben Camp, Micah and Mat Leutwyler. "The Grammar Lesson EP" brings two tracks with an impressive and charming sound, so it can't be missed!

The A side contains the breaks edit produced by Ben Camp and Mat Leutwyler, introducing therefore the listener into a breakbeat atmosphere very melodic. The bass line is extremely sensitive and emotional, being faded on an alert and energetic rhythm, and going inside the track we can discover a few strings which form up a deep and meditative melodic line.

Micah is on the top as well, producing a very refined and impressive progressive track. Smooth and peaceful, Micah's edit enchants with his powerful and profound melody, bringing a dynamic and sweet rhythm. The breakdown gains all the melody, unleashing its entire splendor and then taking the track on the highest scales, for going down after that to a nice final.

An EP more than nice, "Grammar Lesson" is indeed a lesson, but not a grammatical one, but a lesson in the electronic music, in these extremely interesting and awesome sounds. Fascinating!

Micah, Ben Camp & Mat Leutwyler - Grammar Lesson EP


Secret Planet




January 17 2005


March 5, 2005 at 7:20 PM CET


Dragos Rusu

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