Christian Cambas - Flight 403

After releases like "It Scares Me" on Bedrock Breaks, "Coded Love" on Intrinsic Records, or "Obsession" on Heavy Rotation, Christian Cambas doesn't need too much introduction. I will only say that he is hailing from Athens, Greece, and had the opportunity to play alongside djs such as John Digweed, Carl Cox, Nick Warren, Seb Fontainde and others. His new 12" for Swift Records, "Flight 403", brings also a remix from Paul Rogers, so enjoy!

The "Original mix" is a driving and melodic progressive, with a few strange synths and very suggestive, composing a somber and nice melody, profound and hypnotic. The rhythm unleashes from the beginning, taking as support an intense and bouncing bass line. The melodic line repeats along the entire length of the track, without stopping, in a continuous run.

If the original version is uplifting, aggressive and energetic, the remix of Paul Rogers brings a daring beat, composing a truly progressive tune. Sweet and melodic, the bass line superposed on a peaceful and deep melodic line, entering after that a tender and smooth melody on the background. And all these on a very colored beat, composing therefore a pouring and profound song.

G-Pal's Swift Records releases a very nice material, coming from a talented dj and producer who promises a lot for the future.

Christian Cambas - Flight 403


Swift Records




March 2005


February 13, 2005 at 1:53 PM CET


Dragos Rusu

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