Sjunkes - If You Stay

After the impressive Kaan Duzarat's "Organic Intellectual", the Romanian label Only Records brings up on this beginning of 2005 a very fresh release from SJunkes, "If You Stay", which alongside the breaks mix has gained a remix as well coming from Jose Zamora. Two delightful tunes compose a captivating and very solid material, which won't bore you at all.

The "Breaked Up mix" of "If You Stay" brings an extremely melodic and hypnotic breaks edit, succeeding in maintaining not only the kicking rhythm but the profound melodic line as well. The powerful kicks arrangement composes a dynamic and driving rhythm, whilst the bass line, which discretely contours itself and then more and more powerful, is fascinating, deep and tuneful. Everything calms down when the breakdown enters, bringing a unique and veeery sweet melody which makes the track to shine. With a new element incorporated, the track starts again more controlling and active, coming with new and unique elements and coloring the melodic line. Slowly, the synths start to disappear, flowing into a simple and bouncy breaks rhythm which ends up this great tune.

Jose Zamora's remix arrives with a nice and sweet progressive which calms down the sizzling atmosphere from the flip side, bringing a deep and simple bass line and contouring therefore a progressive rhythm very melodious and forceful. It's pretty hard to describe music, to transpose in words the sounds, to make them not only audible but also visible, which can be read – music is a way to gentility, to polish up the spirit, so we don't have to miss any appointment with this art. Back to our track, this remix is simpler than the original edit, mellower and much hypnotic in the same time, carrying in the front a deep and continuous rhythm, sustained by a profound and somnolent bass line.

Undoubtedly a 12" which must be taken in spotlight, "If You Stay" transports new atmospheric and warm elements into the world of electronic music, and in the same time brings a remarkable material for Only Records' catalogue.

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Sjunkes - If You Stay


Only Records


ONLY 002


March 2005


February 13, 2005 at 1:45 PM CET


Dragos Rusu

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