Gainer & Rogers - Futurenature

When we say Chris Gainer we already think of Sumsonic, which also is his own label, getting out along these years since it started lot of remarkable tracks which gained consideration from djs such as Hernan Cattaneo, John Digweed or Sasha. Well, the man from Sumsonic appears with a new 12", together with his partner Paul Rogers, another talented producer from UK. "Futurenature" is available on two versions and brings a few very kicking beats and a piece of energy for resuscitating the clubs.

A clever combination between tech-house and smooth progressive is discovered at the "Original mix", a pleasant alignment of some pure kicks and hihats together with an acid and simple but very lively bass line. A few vocals are featured on the background with a suggestive effect on the tune, creating an impact on the dance floor as well. This track is pretty simple, but the breakdown which appears at the half changes the track a bit, adding up some synths which are played on the second half as well, energizing and refreshing the rhythm. Pretty aggressive, the bass line looses itself through the last elements, closing in a nice way this clever tune.

As for the "Electro-Funk" version, the sounds are changed into electro, the bass line being acid and rough, simple and penetrating. The vocals are discretely kept here too, but the track is simpler but as lashing and heavy as the original mix, perfect for clubs. Repetitive and hypnotic, this edit is very successful, adding a piece of mystery and abstracting the tune from the flip.

Often to be heard under the artist name Substructure, the duo composed from Gainer and Rogers made a pretty good job with this track, solidifying the label with tracks created on a unique and original style.

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Gainer & Rogers - Futurenature




SS 025


February 7 2005


February 13, 2005 at 1:37 PM CET


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