Emrecan Cakir - Mesa & Starfall

Emrecan Cakir is a producer with lot of potential hailing from Istanbul, Turkey, and this is his debut as artist for Pangea Recordings, debut consisting in a 12" composed by two very nice tracks, "Mesa" and "Starfall". With much delight in creating powerful atmospheric spaces and give them life through music, Emrecan Cakir brings with the help of these two tracks a profound and peaceful sound, extremely relaxing and sophisticated in the same time.

"Mesa" is a smooth and sweet progressive, with very much affective load and a unique and atmospheric melodic line, long and hypnotic, so that it penetrates the mind and soul of the listener and it creates a strong impact among him. With a calm and repetitive bass line, the track grows very slowly in intensity, coming with a long and dizzy breakdown, on which breakdown arrives a sample from an unnamed video game. Meditative and profound, the track "Mesa" brings an air of drowsiness, of sadness and abstract, being very dense in long strings and discrete synths which compose a harmonic and overwhelmed melodic line.

The other track is called "Starfall" and consists in a sweet and hypnotic progressive, with many long and dizzy breakdowns, flowing in the air an ineffable mystery and a ponderous sense. The composing elements appear very hard, the song giving the impression of sleepiness, laziness and profundity. The melodic line is formed hardly, in long time, so it is needed patience and a carefully audition to understand exactly what the track wants to transmit.

Already receiving support from some great djs such as Anthony Pappa, Armin van Burren, Markus Schultz, Steve Gerard, Shiloh and others, the material of this young talented producer makes a discrete passage between progressive and trance, so it can be played on various tempos.

Emrecan Cakir - Mesa & Starfall


Pangea Recordings




February 1 2005


February 13, 2005 at 1:33 PM CET


Dragos Rusu

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