Section 75 - Riff Raff EP

Rob Smith & Lee Pennington or Section 75 brings the second material on Chris Sterio's label Source of Gravity Digital". The name of this material comes from the Section 75 residency at Riff Raff events in Middlesbrough, and this EP brings three atmospheric progressive tracks, very appreciated already.

The first track "The Joke" is a very deep, very melodic and very warm progressive, so that introduces the listener into an harmonic world composed from deep and peaceful synths. From the beginning we discover a deep and calm melodic line which creates a warm and discrete rhythm, bringing through the hypnotic sounds a profound and atmospheric melody which composes a meditative and peaceful universe. The simple and repetitive melody leads the track to a relaxing and peaceful breakdown, reentering after that into the hypnotic atmosphere of the rhythm.

About "Genesis" I can tell you that has already received support from James Zabiela and it seems to be the best track on this EP. On a hypnotic and sweet progressive rhythm, the track brings an extraordinary melodic line, composing an exceptionally bass line and a wonderful harmony of the sounds. The breakdown is literally a bomb, bringing a few synths too, and what comes next is almost imposible to transpose in words – an extraordinary track, congratulations to these talented guys for such a work!!!

"Cold Sunday" is the last progressive tune featured on this EP, deep and meditative, as peaceful and simple as the first track, harmonic and atmospheric. A few strings compose a long and complicated melodic line, creating a paradise of sounds and melody, forming therefore a unique and hypnotic melody. We meet here a long and meditative breakdown, and then reentering the sleepy and warm rhythm which leads the track to a ponderous end.

A very good work, "Riff Raff EP" adds up a strong material on Source of Gravity's catalogue, coming with three sensational tracks which deserve our fully attention.

Section 75 - Riff Raff EP


Source Of Gravity Digital




January 20 2005


February 13, 2005 at 1:25 PM CET


Dragos Rusu

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